Wellington Town Council

Serving Wellington & Rockwell Green


Wellington East Ward

Cllr Wayne Battishill
Tel: 01823 975424
Email: waynebattishill@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk
Wayne Battishill moved to Wellington in 2015 after living in Exeter for 38 years. He had been looking to relocate with his family. After his first visit to Wellington he instantly knew this was the perfect place for his family to grow. He now lives locally with his wife Richenda and son Robin. 

Wayne has worked  for the NHS for the last 16yrs in the Emergancy Department and have also been a reservist in the Army. These roles have given him the passion to serve the people in Wellington East Ward.  

Since moving to Wellington Wayne have been passionate about bringing the community together in order to support one another and make Wellington a fantastic place to live. This inspired him to create the Cades Farm Facebook page; this is something he would like to expand as the councillor for Wellington East.

In his spare time Wayne can be found digging in a local allotment with his family. He enjoys walking his dog on the black down hills and cycling.

Wayne is delighted to serve the residents of Wellington East ward and will look forward to getting to know them and become a familiar approachable face around Wellington.

Cllr Gary James (Mayor)
Tel. 01823 662112
Email: garyjames@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

Gary has lived in local area since 1975 and Wellington Town since 1989 with his wife Birgit and two sons.  He was formally a Town Councillor for Wellington East 2003-06 but did not seek re-election due to full time work.

He has served in the H M Army (Airborne) for 11 years. After leaving the Army Gary worked for the H M Government for 23 years. On leaving the Government he then retrained and worked for the Nuclear Industry in a managerial capacity for 13 years. On leaving the Nuclear Industry Gary returned to work for the H M Government overseas for 4 years.

On retirement he has decided to re-enter politics to try to make a difference on the issues the community encounters. Gary now represents the residence of Wellington East on the Wellington Town Council and Taunton Deane Councils.

He currently assists in a youth programme for Ten Tors Training.  Gary’s sporting passion is squash where he has played at International and County Levels. He enjoys gardening and takes great pleasure in looking after the grandchildren and keeping abreast of current affairs.

Gary feels that it is a privilege to live in such a lovely part of Somerset and have the opportunity to serve the people of Wellington.  

Gary is very pleased that since being on the Town Council he has noticed such a positive active appproach from all Councillors brininng some of the benefits promised during campaigns.


Cllr James Hunt
Tel. 01823 664400
Email: jameshunt@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

James has lived in Wellington for over 35 years and attended Court Fields until 1981 before doing ‘A’ levels at Somerset College then an Open University Computing degree. He presently works for the NHS at Musgrove Park Hospital.

Music is a big part of James’ life particularly because he plays guitar in local band Best Kept Secret. He finds that learning songs, spending time with his fellow band members and performing for others is a very fulfilling pastime.

James feels honoured to be elected for a second term as a member of Wellington Town Council as being involved in the town as a member of the council is rewarding and very interesting.   Since being elected he has learned a great deal about Wellington and the challenges it faces.  Now more than even before, James feels that we must all work together for the benefit of the town to make sure we meet those challenges.

He would recommend being a local councillor to anyone who wants to get involved and make a difference for the future of Wellington.

James is a member of Somerset County Council for Upper Tone and represents Wellington on Taunton Deane Borough Council, also for Wellington East, where I try and ensure that Wellington is fully considered in the future plans for Taunton Deane. 

We live in a beautiful part of Somerset and one of the reasons he became a councillor was to help keep it that way.

Cllr Ross Henley
Tel: 01823 665988
Email: rosshenley@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

 Ross lives in Wellington with his family and was educated in the town and has lived here for about 35 years. He has represented Wellington East for about 20 years on Wellington Town Council and Taunton Deane Council. His hobbies and interests are watching films at The Wellesley and watching sport. Ross says Wellington is a great place to live and he wants to support its future.

Ross is also a Taunton Deane Borough Councillor for the Blackdown


Wellington North Ward

Cllr Andrew Govier
Tel: 01823 667589
Email: andrewgovier@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

Andrew has lived in Wellington all his life and attended Linden Infants, Beech Grove and Wellington Schools.

On leaving school he went to work for the Ministry of Defence at the Hydrographic Office in Taunton. He then spent two years working for the MOD in Bath before moving to the Charity Commission in Taunton.He currently works as a Financial Advisor.

He is married to Jackie and has two daughters.

Andrew became involved in local politics because he wanted to make things better for Wellington and Rockwell Green.

He has been very keen to promote the town and to get extra facilities for the local people. He led the campaign to save Wellington Playing Fields from the threat of development; he helped to get a new sports hall at Courtfields School and to get extra facilities at all of the town Primary Schools. He was successful in helping to save Wellington Youth Centre from possible closure and is now Chairman of the Committee that runs it.

Andrew is also a member of Taunton Deane Borough Council and Somerset County Council. He served as Mayor of Taunton Deane in 2003 and 2004 and as Mayor of Wellington from 2010 until 2012.

Andrew is a Christian and member of St. John’s Parish Church.


Cllr John Thorne
Tel: 01823 663146
Email: johnthorne@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

John was elected in May, 2015. He has previously served on Taunton Deane Council. John has lived in Wellington since the age of 10. He trained as a journalist on the Wellington Weekly News and worked for many newspaper groups in the Westcountry before moving into a career in public relations. He also worked for a Home Office organisation recruiting volunteers aged 50 and over to use their life skills to help voluntary groups. Currently, John is a single parent to two young sons and works part-time as a customer assistant in a Tesco supermarket. John has helped with campaigns for local people. He has also been a governor of the former Linden Infants School and served on the committees of Wellington Food Town and Wellington Carnival. John was chairman of a NHS watchdog group in Taunton Deane and was involved in the refurbishment of Wellington Cottage Hospital resulting in enhanced outpatient and new clinical services.John played football locally. He is a qualified football referee and continues to officiate most weekends of the season across Somerset, Dorset, and Devon. John has run his own businesses and is a former chairman of Wellington Chamber of Commerce. He feels strongly about the need to attract new jobs to Wellington alongside all the new housing development which has been going on, by encouraging new and existing enterprises and supporting major employers such as Relyon and Aerosols International to remain here, as well as the need to make the best possible use of the former Fox’s factory sites. John is a former national trades union official. He enjoys using his life skills for problem resolution and directing people to organisations and/or individuals who can help them. 

John also represents Wellington East as part of the Blackdown & Neroche Ward on Somerset County Council.


Cllr Will Brown
Tel: 01823 661602
Email: willbrown@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

William grew up in the Wellington area, after he moved from Cornwall eighteen years ago when he was five.  He attended West Buckland Primary School, then Court Fields Community School; following that he attended Richard Huish College in Taunton where he took his A-levels.  On the completion of his A-levels, he spent three years reading his degree in History at Aberystwyth University; he specialized in the medieval period and wrote his dissertation on how the Norman Conquest changed the English legal code. He graduated in 2014.

William is a keen road cyclist, and can be often seen dashing around the country lanes; and hopes that if anyone comes across him when he is dressed in cyclist’s attire that they are not dissuaded from coming and talking to him.

William also represents Wellington North on Taunton Deane Borough Council where he sits on the Planning committee and the Licensing committee.



Cllr Mark Lithgow
Tel: 01823 662540
Email: marklithgow@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

Councillor Mark Lithgow has lived in Wellington since 1985 and is married and has 3 grown children, who were all educated in Beech Grove primary and Court Fields schools.

Mark's main reason for wanting to become a town councillor, is to be a voice for the residents of Wellington, especially for the more vulnerable residents such as the young or elderly. Mark hopes to help co-ordinate discussions between the groups of people that help them, such as the police or social services, to make the help more effective and to help keep the Wellington One Team sustainable.

He feels it is important to work collaboratively with the other councillors, regardless of their political party, to get the best for the people of Wellington.

As well as an interest in politics, Mark is also a Samaritan and has been for many years, is  the President of the Wellington St John Ambulance Adult division where he helps to promote the volunteers and celebrates their achievements. Also Mark is a keen motorcyclist.   

Wellington South Ward

Cllr Ben Shepherd
Tel. 01823 401039
Email: benshepherd@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

Ben moved to South West in 2013, following a period of time living in London.  He is originally from Accrington in Lancashire.  From the first time he visited Wellington, he's felt really at home in the town and now lives locally with his wife Jenny and his son Ezra.  Ben is a solicitor and when not at work he can be found refereeing in the Taunton & District Saturday League, walking his two dogs or watching films at the Wellesley.


Ben was motivated to stand for election by the opportunity to speak up for the local community and to make a difference for our town.  He is particularly interested in working with other councillors to improve the quality of life for local residents and to find ways to help Wellington adapt to the forecast growth in the size of the town and the corresponding impact this expansion will have on local facilities and infrastructure.  Ben believes that the Town Council has an exciting opportunity to promote the town and to protect and grow the services provided to local people over the next several years as the other local councils scale back their services due to budget restrictions.


Ben is very honoured to have been elected to serve the people of Wellington South and will always try his hardest to reflect their views.  If you live in Wellington South, Ben would love for you to get in touch.


Rockwell Green Ward

Cllr Janet Lloyd (Deputy Mayor)
Tel. 01823 672877
Email: janetlloyd@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

Janet moved to the Wellington area from Dorset 27 years ago and she is married to Ian and they have two sons, Ben and Daniel.  She has been a Wellington Town Councillor since 2007 and was Town Mayor 2015-16.  Janet is a member of the council’s Footpaths, Environment, Staffing & Training committees and is Chair of the Allotments Committee.  She became involved in local politics as she wanted help the local community of Wellington and Rockwell Green and its residents.

Janet is a former governor of Court Fields Community School  and a former volunteer youth leader and is very keen to help the young people of the town.

Janet has worked for both national and local government for nearly 30 years but now works as a care assistant in a Nursing Home in Wellington.  Her hobbies include gardening and watching cricket.  She is a member of Somerset County Cricket Club and follows Somerset both at home and away.

Cllr Lynda Russell-Cairns
Tel: 01823 974305
Email: lyndarussell-cairns@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

My name is Lynda Russell-Cairns, I live in Waterloo Road Wellington and I am married with one daughter, two step-daughters and seven grandchildren. My husband and I were lucky enough to re-locate to this part of the country three years ago.
Having spent all my life in Hampshire, working for a local Solicitor, Estate Agent and before choosing to move to Wellington I also ran my own successful business for many years.
 I have always had a keen interest in local politics and the need for the community’s voice to be heard.
Wellington and Rockwell Green, is as I’ve found, such fantastic places to live and the friendliest of people seem to live and work here.
I am currently the Secretary of the Basins Volunteer Group, we are a group of volunteers who look after and maintain the Ponds in Corams Lane, and most of the residents of Rockwell Green have a great access to this beautiful area. The footpath from Rockwell Green to Wellington Sports Centre and the Wellington Rugby Club takes in an abundance of wildlife that this area can offer.
I am  on the committee for the Wellington Museum and when this is open from March to October I work there on a voluntary basis, this, I  find is a great place to volunteer and is rich with the history of Rockwell Green and the surrounding villages.
I am also a committee member of the Wellington Community Centre
Cllr Marcus Barr
Tel: 01823 661817
Email: marcusbarr@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

Marcus has lived in Rockwell Green for the last 16 years. He is married to Lisa and has enjoyed raising his family in Wellington. 

He feels Wellington is a great place to live with brilliant shops, it can be a quiet town with low crime rates. 

Marcus supports S.W.A.G who are trying to bring awareness to the community on legal highs.

He is also keen on recyling as much as possible.

Marcus runs a business in Wellington so understands the concerns of other shops in the town. He hopes to always stand up and support the town and believes he has Wellington's best interests at heart.



Wellington West Ward

Cllr Bob Bowrah, BEM 
Tel: 01823666739
Email: bobbowrah@wellingtontowncouncil.co.uk

Bob has been a Town Councillor since 1999 and a Deane Councillor since 2003 where he represents Wellington West and Rockwell Green. 

He was chairman of the Town Council for 2 years in 2004-2006., Town Mayor in 20016/17 and Mayor of Taunton Deane 2009-10. He is on Wellington Town Council Emergency Committee and is at present, Chairman of Taunton Deane Plannng Committee. He is a Member of the Tenants  Services Management Board, Deane representative on the Board of Directors of Taunton Bowling Club, Member Champion of both the Metro Group and Wellington Monument for the town, is a Member of the Basins Volunteer Group and is also treasurer of the Local Sea Angling Club. 

Married for 50 years to Elizabeth he has a family Joanne, Nick and Andrew and had four grandchildren. 

Bob is a keen fisherman and gardener and has an allotment. Bob served in HM Forces (Army) for 27 years, two years in the reserve forces a Bishops HUll and was awarded the British Empire Medal in 1980. 

Bob is a conscientious Councillor who is a "worker". Anyone who has contacted Bob, will know that he replies to emails of phone calls and will make every effort to solve your problem. 

Cllr Vivienne Stock-Williams 
Tel: 01823 673244

 Vivienne worked professionally in both medical and business research before moving to the South West with her husband and son in 1999.  Since then, she has worked in the voluntary and business sectors, becoming Town Councillor for Wellington West in 2003 and Town Mayor 2012-13.  Vivienne was also elected as a Taunton Deane Borough Councillor for Rockwell Green & West Ward in 2007, where she was Portfolio Holder for Corporate Resources 2011-15.  She was the Mayor of Taunton Deane Borough Council for 2016/17.

As Town Councillor, she is a member of the Allotments, Community Safety, Tourism and Environment, and Footpaths Committees.  Vivienne also represents the Town Council as Governor of the Hospital of Sir John Popham on the Twinning Association and at Wellington School.  In addition, she is District representative on Somerset’s Health and Wellbeing Board.  Vivienne enjoys her work as a CAB Trustee, and across the age spectrum with Reminiscence Learning (the Archie Project) and local youth activities.

Vivienne is keen to encourage the local community to take a pride in Wellington and work together for the present and future wellbeing of the town.

Cllr Janet Reed
Tel: 01823 660584

 Janet has lived in Wellington all of her adult life and has always had an interest in local politics.
She was educated at Langford Budville Primary School, then Bishop Fox Grammar School. In her youth she enjoyed playing the piano and at one stage played the organ at Runnington church for morning and evensong.
Her husband, three children and four grandchildren support her greatly, and have helped her in her campaign to become a councillor.
Now retired, she enjoys gardening, walking, reading and holidays with her family.
Her hope is that regardless of political party, local councillors will always do their best for the welfare of residents in Wellington and her aim is to represent the concerns and views of the many people who voted for her.
Janet also became a Taunton Deane Borough Councillor in 2011 and sits on both the corporate scrutiny and lisencing committees.