Town Council Staff

Town Clerk


Kathryn Hemensley

Tel: 01823 662540

Councillor Mark Lithgow has lived in Wellington since 1985 and is married and has 3 grown children, who were all educated in Beech Grove primary and Court Fields schools.

Mark's main reason for wanting to become a town councillor, is to be a voice for the residents of Wellington, especially for the more vulnerable residents such as the young or elderly. Mark hopes to help co-ordinate discussions between the groups of people that help them, such as the police or social services, to make the help more effective and to help keep the Wellington One Team sustainable.

He feels it is important to work collaboratively with the other councillors, regardless of their political party, to get the best for the people of Wellington.

As well as an interest in politics, Mark is also a Samaritan and has been for many years, is the President of the Wellington St John Ambulance Adult division where he helps to promote the volunteers and celebrates their achievements. Also Mark is a keen motorcyclist.

Deputy Town Clerk


Annette Kirk

Tel: 01823 667589

Andrew has lived in Wellington all his life and attended Linden Infants, Beech Grove and Wellington Schools. On leaving school he went to work for the Ministry of Defence at the Hydrographic Office in Taunton. He then spent two years working for the MOD in Bath before moving to the Charity Commission in Taunton.He currently works as a Financial Advisor.

He is married to Jackie and has two daughters.

Andrew became involved in local politics because he wanted to make things better for Wellington and Rockwell Green.

He has been very keen to promote the town and to get extra facilities for the local people. He led the campaign to save Wellington Playing Fields from the threat of development; he helped to get a new sports hall at Courtfields School and to get extra facilities at all of the town Primary Schools. He was successful in helping to save Wellington Youth Centre from possible closure and is now Chairman of the Committee that runs it.

Andrew is also a member of Taunton Deane Borough Council and Somerset County Council. He served as Mayor of Taunton Deane in 2003 and 2004 and as Mayor of Wellington from 2010 until 2012.

Andrew is a Christian and member of St. John’s Parish Church.

Assistant Clerk(s)


Assistant 1

Tel: 01823 672877

Janet moved to the Wellington area from Dorset 30 years ago. Janet is married to Ian and they have two sons, Ben and Daniel.

Janet has been a Wellington Town Councillor since 2007 and is currently the Mayor, a role she also carried out in 2014/16. Janet is a member of the Council’s Environment and Open Spaces Committee, Staffing & Resources Committee and is Chair of the Allotments Committee.

Janet became involved in local politics as she wanted to help the local community of Wellington and its residents. Janet is a former volunteer youth leader and is very keen to help the young people of the town. Janet has worked for both national and local government for nearly 30 years but now works in a Nursing Home in Wellington. Janet’s hobbies include gardening and watching cricket.

Janet is a member of Somerset Cricket Club and follows Somerset both at home and away. Janet was elected to Somerset West Taunton Council (East Ward) 2019.


Assistant 2

Tel: 01823 661817

My name is Marcus Barr and I am the Independent Councillor for the Rockwell Green Ward. I have lived in the village for over 20 years and have represented the residents for the past four years on Wellington Town Council.

I recently started Rockwell Green Matters, a monthly publication and Facebook page, so that the people of the village had a voice and also some local information.

Since I have been on the Council I have reacted to your requests for a defibrillator, new dog-mess bins, gym equipment at Dobree Park playground and the only table-tennis table in Wellington!

I passionately care about the community in Rockwell Green and how life there affects every resident. After all, I am one of you too.

I want to see it continue to be properly represented and a great place to live.