Information from Crimestoppers in the West Country

Information from Crimestoppers in the West Country

The Town Council have received the following information that may be of use to the Public;


“I’d like to introduce Crimestoppers in the West Country to you . We are the only independent crime fighting charity in the UK . We help communities stay safe by raising awareness of crime and offering a free 24 hr anonymous reporting service . Please see the attached impact report for our latest figures. On average in the West Country each month we pass 257 reports to the police to investigate and of these an average of 37% results in a positive outcome . Our volunteer committee is dedicated to helping the public speak up, stop crime and stay safe whilst remaining 100% anonymous . Always .

Our latest national campaign is called ‘One Call Can ’ please see our website One Call Can… | Crimestoppers (

Additionally there are lots of local campaigns going on and being planned . Please follow us on


20/21 Q4 information



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