COVID-19: Mindline emotional support

COVID-19: Mindline emotional support

Mindline Emotional Support Helpline 01823 276 892

Dear Fellow Councillors, I am writing with my job hat on to let you know that Mindline Somerset has now gone 24/7. If you can promote this on your own social media using the attached graphic I would be very grateful. Or direct it to any community support groups you are involved in via Facebook etc. I know a few of you have already kindly done this for me.


We know at this time that many people are feeling isolated, alone, or just need somewhere to alleviate their worries and be heard. We are working with other voluntary sector partners to offer an enhanced support to anyone who needs more than the 30 minutes listening, and are option 4 from the County and District Coronavirus Helpline for anyone ringing there t for emotional support. Part of our role is also to divert emotional support calls away from other services such as NHS 111 which need to be focussed on other health needs.


I know a few people have said that this is only for people experiencing mental distress but I would say that probably most people are, so it really is for anyone, please don’t let self-stigma or worry get in the way of people picking up the phone and connecting.


I am more than happy to answer any queries anyone might have or if you want to point me in the direction of others who you think we should be promoting with. However, often you as those connected people in our community maybe best placed to pass on the word about Mindline, we know the majority of our callers hear about the service through word of mouth.

Many thanks Andy Pritchard,

Chief Operating Officer and

Lead for the Somerset Mental Health Hub

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