Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report

Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report

Projects that will benefit Wellington residents feature in the new Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report 2019-20.

The Report covers activities funded by Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) between the start of April 2019 and the end of March 2020.

Wellington area works include the start of a big study into flooding problems in the catchment above the A38 at Blackbird Bends, de-silting near Junction 26 of the M5, and a visit to the Miscanthus Nurseries just north of the A38 Wellington bypass to investigate possible soil improvements.

In 2019-20, the SRA spent nearly £2.8 million on extra flood protection and resilience works across Somerset.

Dozens of places benefitted from activities designed to protect people, properties, businesses and roads, while also enhancing local environments.

Everybody in Somerset is affected directly or indirectly by issues with flooding, so the SRA invests in a wide range of actions countywide to reduce flood risks, and increase local resilience when floods do occur. All works are additional to those carried out by other Flood Risk Management Authorities in Somerset.


Two versions of the SRA Annual Report
There are two versions of the Annual Report. A longer version gives lots of details about SRA activities and is helpful for exploring what has been done at a very local level, right down to single fields and ponds and ditches. It includes around 130 photographs plus other illustrations.

The shorter version is much more selective, but still very informative and visual.

Get a PDF of the full-length SRA Annual Report 2019-20 (72 pages – 8MB) here.

Get a PDF of the summary of the SRA Annual Report 2019-20 (16 pages – 1MB) here.

The entire text of the SRA Annual Report is also available on the Somerset Rivers Authority website at

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